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Our Team

For our group project  we all worked extremely well together. Not only did we get along, but we ended up becoming friends because of this project. We each divided the work evenly and fairly, we never had an issue with what work we each had to do, which was great. From the beginign of the project we worked together pretty much on everything. We all decided on the top as well as what kind of project we should make and where we should find the information required for it. We met up almost every week at least ones on a day were we could all meet and we revised what we had done and continued to work on what we had left. My role in creating the project was a lot of the footage. We went out around Rutgers and collected several images from around campus. I even asked several people if they would like to be in my video because they were doing really cool activities out in the open space. While for the paper I took the feedback portion of the essay to write and it came out to be about two pages just discussing about how feedback will be incorporated after the project is handed over. Overall I think our group was great, I don’t have any type of complaint toward any of my teem members because we communicated really well and got everything done. We all split the work up as evenly as possible and none of us had an issue with how we set the work up. In other classes when i had to work with other groups we have met up but never actually formed a friendship out of it. This is actually the first time that i have had a group that was this great and we honestly had no issues.


Gathering Materials


For this week our group gathered 15 links to try and figure out exactly what went with the theme we were going for. We found a variety of songs videos and pictures to use for the project. For the music all of the songs are pretty similar. However, one of them is sticking out to us the most. For a video we found former NJ governor Whitman, talking about open space, and the importance it has on NJ. The video also included several landscapes and open spaces of NJ that need to be conserved. For the pictures we had a variety of random NJ open spaces as well as Rutgers open spaces. In conclusion, we will use the ones that best fit our theme and project video.

Idea we favored!

For this week our group discussed what idea we wanted to work with for the actual project. We started of with a documentary video, live snapchat stories, and a twitter hashtag page. We finally decided to make a video for the Open Space Month. The idea is pretty simple and it will also last forever on their site unless they want to take it down. The good thing about a video is that you don’t ever have to update it unless it become outdated, or the site is looking to do something different that does not involve the video any longer. For our video we wanted to get Rutgers involved since we are Rutgers students making this project. We wanted to go around all campuses and discover open areas of the environment that Rutgers has to offer to its students and staff. Our campus is so big that we don’t have a chance to experience all of the hidden, beautiful sites it has to offer. We want to incorporate all of them in a video collage. Then we want to go around Rutgers interviewing students and staff of the school. In our interview we want to ask everyone what they like to do in the outdoors of Rutgers. We will also be asking the staff if they take in to consideration all of the space they could potentially be destroying when they are building new areas around town, what is the process? We also want to ask everyone want to know from the student and staff of any places around campus that they might know and like to go to. As well as what they do to help the environment. We think this will make the video more relatable to the audience because it is actual students and staff with real opinions on the planet and the environment.

Creative Group Direction

For week ten our group got introduced to the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters. We got introduced to three different projects that we could possibly work for and show our creativity with. The first was the Natural Resource Damage which is basically to get voters’ attention to November’s ballot and who they are voting for. The second is the Open Space Month its’ dedicated to preserve and protect NJ’s natural resources and lands. Finally, Green in 17, designed to raise the profile of the environment in this year’s governor’s race. Our group is specifically interested in the Open Space Month, because we were told that not a lot was done with the website. This allows us plenty of room to show our creativity, and give the webpage something worthy to display. Since this specific project is based on natural preserved areas of NJ, we thought it was a great idea to stick with this concept, except we will be exploring Rutgers. Since we are Rutgers students creating and working on this webpage we wanted to get input from other Rutgers students on spaces around Rutgers that they know about. As well as what they enjoy doing in the outdoors of Rutgers. Our vision was to go around campus and capture different sights that Rutgers conserves and has to offer to its students. We also wanted to interview different students on campus telling us what they like to do in the outdoors of Rutgers as well as any recommended sights that they might know of on campus. We think this is a good idea because we are getting our own school involved and making it part of this project. I feel like it shows that our generation is willing to get involved and does get involved when it comes to the environment and trying to make it a better place.

Going Viral: Memes

Image result for kermit the frog meme friend complaining she is broke

For this weeks class we spoke about memes and what makes them so interesting,as well as what makes them go viral. I have never really thought about what makes a meme so fascinating and what attracts us so much to them. I’ve always just saw it as this comical image that became popular because of a bigger concept. I think what makes it so popular is the idea behind it, the bigger picture. For example, in class we discussed about the “cash me outside how bout dat” girl and how she rose to fame just from this one line she said on television that eventually went viral. The episode aired on Dr. Phil and the way she presented herself was so absurd that it became more of a comical episode because of the way she spoke and acted. Once the audience saw the humor in the episode people started creating memes about her and it was funny because we knew the comical concept behind it, making it relevant. The three memes I chose for my post are all Kermit memes these became popular in 2014 on Instagram.  The #kermitmemes started to appear everywhere, some of the most popular ones are the “Me to Me Kermit” and the “but that’s none of my business Kermit”. Both of these memes are meant to be sarcastic the me to me is basically when you’re trying to make good decisions but then your inner “evil” subconscious is telling you to do the opposite. The other one is meant to criticize people that might be complaining about something but yet they don’t do anything to fix the problem instead they do the opposite. What attracted me to these particular memes is how relatable they were but at the same time funny. I personally have friends and even myself sometimes complain about being broke but as soon as I get paid ill have moment where I go out and waste all my money. A lot of people don’t call you out for things like this but the memes certainly do. In the Davidson text talks about a dog meme, “Iterations of the Advice Dog meme vary not only in the specific text they use to communicate humor but also in the type of humor communicated. When Advice Dog gives someone advice, genuine good advice, it can be humorous simply by virtue of being attached to a bright background and smiling dog. Once it is established that the explicit function of Advice Dog is to give advice, though, having him give bad or unexpected advice is ironic.” Basically the messages memes give to its audience can me portrayed differently by different people. That’s what makes people so attracted to them by the message that’s being portrayed as well as the image being used and how relevant it is to its audience.

Video Editing: 5 Facts About Me & Trolls and Hackers.

For this week’s post I decided to make my video short and simple with 5 facts about me except my boyfriend was put on the spot to tell everyone those 5 facts. I filmed the video on my iPhone and I downloaded the app Splice which was actually really simple to use. I just had to play with it for a little bit and retry the video editing a couple times till I got certain parts right. I ended up trimming a decent amount of useless footage and adding transitions to each clip as well as writing and audio. I think it turned out pretty decent considering that it was my first time doing video editing.


Moving on to Hackers and Trolls on social media. I personally believe that hackers and trolls for the most part cause mayhem to the internet that can potentially leave the internet and cause chaos in the real world. However I do believe that in the world of the internet trolls and hackers are different. I think that trolls are out to cause trouble just for the fun of it like in the Coleman reading it says, “ Trolls exists to fuck with people, they fuck with people on every level…they do this for many reasons, from boredom, to making people think, but most do it for the lulz(laughter at someone else’s expense).” Trolls have the ability to roam the web as freely as they wish to do so and that’s the scary part. Trolls are not out to help someone or to try to do something for the greater good or to try and help someone they just use all that knowledge for chaos and disorder. However I think that hackers on the other hand use their knowledge of the web to either help a greater cause that might be unjustified and can’t be taken care of by a normal person’s knowledge of the web. I am not saying that they can’t use it for bad which I’m sure they do however I believe that hackers and trolls stand on two separate pedestals when it comes to doing something honorable for the web and people in general.

Audio Editing: Authentiicity

For week 5’s assignment I really had a hard time. I never realized how much tedious work has to be put into a small minute and a half long audio clip. I personally have never worked any type of audio editor so Audacity was quite difficult to understand even with the Lynda videos I was getting really confused and frustrated I was ready to give up to be honest. However I somehow managed to get myself together and put something small together. I have always been a really big fan of EDM genre. I think all the song are so lively and just get me into a great mood. So for my podcast I decided to incorporate two songs one was Home by Unsenses and the other Alone by Alan Walker one of my favorites. I tried to make it as simple as possible by having the two songs fade in and out from my recording that I placed in the middle. It was difficult to make it sound clean cut just because I’m not expert in Audacity. I think authenticity is very important in any work you put out there whether it’s audio, video, or print. I feel like it’s always nice to add something unique and original to any project even if it’s adding to someone else’s work if you switch something up it makes a difference and it makes it different. In the Azzerad reading on The Minutemen he says, “Paragons of the subversive idea that you didn’t have to be a star to be a success…their uncompromising pursuit of their unique artistic vision have inspired countless bands.” By this quite I got that success can be found and achieved by the uniqueness of your work you put out there, someone will notice that you’re not like everyone else. Link 

Image Editing

For this week the assignment to come up with an original image was quite difficult for me. I have never worked on GIMP before so it was really difficult to figure out the many tools it has to adjust an image. I did use for the layers part of it, however i stopped because it wasn’t hitting the exact points that i needed help with so i decided to google and YouTube for answers. I decided to keep my original heading as is because it went with the aesthetic of my website that i was going for…simple and pretty. However I used Advance Google search to find two different images that I felt could correlate with this weeks assignment and things that we will be discussing and will be coming up in different discussions in upcoming weeks. One of my images are print magazines and the other is the world of digital media. i decided to layer the pictures and merge them together to make them come as one because digital media and print magazines are pretty much one in the same now a days so I thought it fit in nicely.I then brightened the image and tried to make one transparent so they both would merge nicely together. I honestly don’t know how I managed to make the image come out like i pictured it because it was very difficult. GIMP has so many options and tools to use and if you click on the wrong one it completely alters your image. this happened to me like four times and I had to delete the document i was working on and start a knew one just because I didn’t know how to go back to my original. This whole process was very challenging however it does teach you a new skill to know for the future.

Zines & Digital Media

According to Stephen Duncombe , “Zines seemed to form a true culture of resistance. Their way of seeing and doing was not borrowed from a book…rather it was, if you’ll forgive the word, organic (pg.3).” Zine pretty much crossed the lines and rules when it came to what to post and show the world. Zines where created to express once true feelings towards a topic or believe, not to follow the rules of whats right and whats wrong. That is what made Zines so original, they had no rules, just a opened mind with ideas.

Over the years digital media has evolved there is something new created everyday. As I write this post I am contributing to the world of digital media. People who create Blogs can express their opinion freely just like Zinesters. this is how they connect to the digital world, the only difference is that one is on the worldwide-web and the other is on hard paper. However they both express there opinions on media,culture,music,artists, etc. Blogs/bloggers have become very big and popular do to the fact that they are up to date with consumer media, as well as having honest opinions on a topic. This is one example of how Zines and digital media have come to relate over the years.

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